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Website Audit

The unmissable key to any SEO, no matter how basic, is a website audit. But just about anyone can hop onto their laptop with a few hours of research and tell you some things that need to be improved with your website. So why get a professional audit?

Well—proper, professional consultants like Banana SEO will comb through every nook and cranny of your website like no one else can and make precise changes that even other pros could miss.

The key to a good website audit is accuracy and precision. Banana SEO prides itself on both.

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Technical SEO

Behind every website lies its code and infrastructure. Every day browsing won’t show the technical side of a website – and so much SEO is just left to just the content. Missing out on behind-the-scenes technical SEO will absolutely cripple any chances at proper traffic—it’s absolutely vital that you get your technical SEO done alongside traditional content-oriented SEO. And, that you get it done right.

Banana SEO will provide you with properly organized and formalized Technical SEO. We look through all of the code behind your website – and make sure that the search engine crawlers will rank it well with the algorithm.

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Onsite SEO

Anyone thinking of SEO will think of onsite SEO—and for good reason. Though with the years SEO has developed into a multi-faceted array of practices and algorithm-based changes, onsite SEO will always remain at its heart.

From keyword research to keyword balance, going through content size and frequency, alongside layout and URL, and everything else in between; onsite SEO may be thought of as simple, but it’s often done quite haphazardly without a consultant like Banana SEO to guide your way first.

There’s a lot to keep track of and pull off well – trust Banana SEO with the reins.

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Off page SEO?

The most frequently neglected aspect of SEO, off page SEO is not at all something that should be left behind or forgotten. Every single one of the biggest websites in your industry and market will have a whole division dedicated to off page SEO; it’s all about marketing: social media to backlinks.

When crawlers look through your page, they’re not only looking through the links and information on it. They will also look for outside links to your page and more.

With our veteran expertise and experience, Banana SEO will take care of your off page SEO; implementing and taking action on a sound strategy.

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Website Design

Website design is not offered by many SEO consultants. But don’t worry – Banana SEO has you covered. Website design is vital to SEO, since it influences the user experience so much, which is something that the SEO algorithm has designated as extremely important.

At the heart of the user experience lies ease-of-access, website functionality, loading speed, and so much more. The longevity of your website, as well as your high ranking on the SERPs will depend on a consultant walking you through website design right.

Banana SEO will lead the way, and help you design the best website for your business, leading it to the top.

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Local SEO

Localization is one of the true core foundations of good SEO. Banana SEO absolutely prides itself on its efficient, effective and excellent Local SEO. Beyond reliable research, Banana SEO will make sure that your website is localized in a way that will both target and undeniably appeal to your local markets.

Just thinking about how often you Google a business and find what you are looking for based on its proximity and availability should give you insight into why Local SEO is so important.

In a world where your business is a few taps on the phone away, don’t miss out on Local SEO.