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To understand the value of Banana SEO Vancouver, we have to approach it by looking at Vancouver in itself first. The third-largest metropolitan area in Canada of 2,463,000 residents (as of 2016) is crowned by the city of the same name – Vancouver. The city itself counts 650,000 residents as of the same census and boasts the highest population density in Canada’s entire territory – with more than 5,400 people per square kilometer.

Since the early 10s, Vancouver has consistently ranked as one of the most well-living cities with the consistently outstanding quality of life – both in the top 10 and top 5.

The past decade has seen an explosion in economic diversification and growth as well; beyond its roots in port activities and resource-gathering industries, it has branched out into Software, biotech, entertainment, and engineering industries. With a socioeconomic kaleidoscope of potential opportunities, you would be remiss to skip over Vancouver in your business considerations.

Why choose Vancouver SEO?

SEO Vancouver

Its high density comes with high ethnic and linguistic diversity, with over half of all of Vancouver’s residents belonging to visible minority groups and a similar 53% not being native English speakers. All of these residents are also consistently interacting with the vast majority of digital platforms. Taking this market head-on and diving into the immensely diverse opportunities it offers, needs proper, Vancouver SEO.

Making sure that SEO is part of your marketing plan for your business’ website is the absolute imperative to surviving—and even prospering—in Vancouver.

Vancouver SEO will allow you to both create a fantastic website ranking high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and help your business to grow within the digital world.

If you have or plan to have a business in Vancouver, establishing a solid and trustworthy SEO plan of action is vital for your business growth. Especially going through a reputable and results driven SEO consultant, that can also focus on Local, Vancouver SEO.

With Vancouver representing nearly between 7-8% of all of Canada’s economy, and a potential market of more than CA$145 billion to tap into, creating a well-optimized website through SEO cannot be recommended enough.

The Banana SEO approach

Banana SEO site optimization

So much of the shopping and consumer experience is oriented around the digital world. From product placement ads, to ads about e-commerce centers, to the sales themselves. A minimum of 90% of all consumer purchases start somewhere online. These are numbers that you simply cannot ignore.

With Banana SEO, your business website will be on the top results for your niche keywords – leave it to me to formulate and implement a solid SEO strategy that will get you ranked higher and higher on the SERPs. I’ll tackle every part of SEO that you have and haven’t heard about: onsite, technical, off-page. And of course, local SEO. If you are based in the city or greater metropolitan area, then Banana SEO Vancouver  is what you are going to be looking for.

Get your business’ website better-indexed, higher-ranked, and properly localized in Vancouver with the Banana SEO strategy.

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