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What is Banana SEO?

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing a web page, website, personal social media site, or profile, for Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go! and more to find. Primarily focusing on websites, SEO has a pretty wide variety of definitions and specifications.

A plethora of factors—ranging from the keywords in your burger recipe to the title formatting and links contained in your blog—all makeup SEO.

Parts of your website’s code and even competitor saturation, all of these fall under the SEO umbrella.

Banana SEO site optimization
Banana SEO wand

What is SEO Banana wand?

The SEO Banana wand is an effective and magical technique (SKILL) to rank websites on the first pages of search engine platforms.

With the SEO Banana wand technique, your website will turn into a high-traffic center, skyrocketing your visits and clients!

Getting your SEO Banana Juice perfect is the goal. I’ll get your website perfectly optimized and ready to fly up the SERP ranks.

Start Your Ranking Journey

Want to improve your website performance on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)?

What does Banana SEO offer?

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Website Audit

Website audit in SEO is vital. Banana SEO has the expertise, the experience, and the know-how to audit your website for variables that make it search engine friendly. Anyone can grab a computer and make a few band-aid fixes on a website and call it SEO Website Audit. The traffic will spike up a bit, but will quickly fade out, leaving you with a bill and no results. Banana SEO will get your website audit done properly, accurately, and well.Through our SEO strategies and consulting we will bring your business to the peak of the results pages.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the inner and outer workings of a website’s infrastructure. Alongside improving the content of the webpage, on-site SEO also includes looking at the page’s coding, or the HTML, CSS and javascript lines. For anyone unfamiliar, HTML is the basic ‘construction’ code that all websites use as a foundation. If a page is taking too long to display, it often reverts to the HTML cached-version—the bare-boned, text-only versions of websites that are barely functional. If HTML is compared to the bricks and mortar of a house (along a few bare utilities), the CSS and Javascript cover everything else.

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Onsite SEO

Onsite content and structure is the heart and soul of good optimisation, and Banana SEO
strives to do just that. Looking through the choices and balancing of your keywords and post
quantities, making sure that your menus and pages are laid out perfectly for clients and
crawlers alike, consulting your choices for URLs and domains, and many more key factors
that will influence your indexing and rank in the eyes of the search engines. Throughout the
process, I will be consulting with you and checking back in to make sure that you can keep
track of the changes that I make

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Off page SEO?

Many people either don’t realise or forget that not all of SEO is just what’s written on the page, or the way to optimise the code. That is never the only thing that the crawlers look at. The elements of off page SEO range from effective social media marketing to the generation of natural links back to your website from trusted sources (and authorities). It is vital that you get a well-read and up-to-date consultant to make sure that both the content on your website and off of your website pages is optimised for the web crawler, and ultimately, your clients.

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Website Design

Banana SEO starts at the root of good search engine optimisation—Website Design. We will take a look at the way your website is built and put together, making sure that the crawler will be able to rank your site well in the indexing stage. Ease-of-access to functionality and layout are all factors that Banana SEO will take into consideration and improve. Beyond helping your site rank better on the SERPs, the process will also help you better understand the details of your website so that you can keep on adding improved content long into the future.

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Local SEO

Banana SEO takes pride in its Local SEO consulting. We strive to understand, grasp and subsequently target the local market in order to get the most out of the area you live in. Regardless of your niche and your business, there will always be people looking for your type of work in your area. Nearly 81% of all current retail purchases and 43% of contract signings start with an online search. If residents search for a convenient business near them, and find that it is properly localized, that will seal the deal one hundred times over.

Case Study

I have helped small and medium-size businesses to grow their website’s organic traffic that resulted to 50% increase in sales revenue. I can do the same for your business

The Banana Seo Process

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Taking a Look

Banana SEO prides itself on years of expertise and experience. However, all SEO starts with the basics – taking a look at your business’ website and its pages.

While it may sound obvious, many SEO experts and companies will not take the time to look through everything on the page – they will home in on one detail and focus their entire strategy on it.
In order to build a sound and successful SEO strategy, we take a proper look at everything on your website – content, code, and design. With extensive knowledge of SEO algorithms and guidelines, this first look will help build our approach.

Competitor Research

Before starting the practical, optimization part of the process, it is vital to conduct competitor research. No matter which one, there is always going to be the company known to everyone in the industry – through either pioneering it, or through an effective strategy (or through luck). This means that they have done some things right – and it’s important to learn from them.
The exact same goes for SEO. Companies whose online presence seems impregnable and flawless – but is actually very well organised.
At Banana SEO we conduct proper competitor research into industry standards, making sure to find what makes them successful, and implementing that into our strategy.

Compiling and Structuring Data

The final step before finally taking action and implementing our strategy is the compilation and structuring of our data. One of the points we take pride in, is our informative and interactive approach with our clients.
This means that everything that we see, find, and determine as a target of optimization will be organized and structured in a way that allows both ourselves and the client come back to the information as many times as we need, and use it to fully establish and create a reliable strategy, guaranteed to provide you with the results you are looking for.

Implementation Strategy

Finally – we are at the implementation stage. After going through all of the steps—of looking at the original website and putting together things to change, managing and carrying-out in-depth competitor research, compiling and structuring the data—I will go through the implementation strategy with the client.

It’s vital that the client knows at each step what we are going to change and why. There are steps to take for on-site SEO based on standard practices, what I found from competitors, as well as what the clients want as results.

Once we’ve cleared this stage and get the green signal, it’s time for action.

Action – Change – Feedback

This is the active SEO step. Here, we actually implement what we planned and went through with the client, making sure to make effective and efficient changes.
After going through all of the previous stages to make sure our approach is rock-solid, Banana SEO goes through the website’s content.

We make sure that your business and its online presence get the traffic and develop the client base that it is looking for, and that it ultimately deserves.
Once we’ve completed our service – we talk to our clients once again.
Feedback, improvements, changes and everything the client needs.
We’re here for our clients and strive to build the best website we can, together.

Why integrate SEO into your
marketings tragey ?

Banana SEO consultant

Integrating SEO into your marketing strategy is a step that you absolutely need to take, as most of the world has moved into the digital age. Often times, businesses and companies that found wild success in their brick and mortar endeavours find themselves stagnating, and sometimes losing business altogether as they fail to effectively move their marketing to the on-line.
SEO is the essential practice of making sure that your website is optimized, so that search engines will rank and display your website higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
Through properly considering and integrating SEO into your business’ marketing strategy, you will be able to not only keep your business afloat – but often times, altering the content, coding and design of your online presence will grow your business beyond anything simple location advertising could do.
Without SEO, you are missing out on multi-million and billion (if not trillion) dollar industries.

How do the search
engines work?

The key purpose of these little changes, and Search Engine Optimisation in general, is getting good ratings and indexing by the various search engines’ algorithms (mainly Google).

Search engines constantly send out small programs called crawlers to every corner of the World Wide Web, which go through websites and pages, indexing them and categorizing them by relevance to key terms (hence the keywords).

The more favorable the algorithm ranks your website for a given search entry – the higher you show up among the results.

The purpose of SEO is to work to get the algorithm’s favor – getting indexed with a good ‘score’ within the search engine’s stores is key.

How search engine works

The Key words in SEO

On page SEO

Picking out specific keywords – short, medium, or long-tailed ones after researching your niche – will give you more specific references when the crawlers look at your website.

Long-tailed keywords are longer (as their name suggests), but are also more specific, less competitive and generate less traffic. That being said, they are easy and faster to rank for.

Shorter ones have a much greater search volume and potential traffic but are much more competitive (especially popular ones). Banana SEO is all about utilizing all types of keywords in other to get the best results.

Alongside picking a healthy balance between the different sorts, you must also ensure to not over-saturate your text with keywords. That will get you unindexed by the crawlers and often categorized as spam.

Site Architecture

Besides keywords, backlinks are also important as well In Banana SEO. Having a logical organization of the links to different pages such as your Landing Page, Service Pages, etc is crucial. The ultimate goal of Banana search engine optimization is to provide the users with what they are looking for, as well as the easiest, least-painful experience.

If your website is messy and illogical, whereby it is difficult for site users to find their way around specific pages or takes an excessive amount of time and effort to find information. This may result in a lower ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

It is also very important to avoid broken links, with non-functioning, orphaned pages or outdated URLs, whether these are internal (navigation), or backlinks.

Site architecture Website design

Backlinks in SEO

off page SEO backlinks

Backlinks are external links to your website – and they’re extremely important in SEO. It is vital that you take the time to learn about and invest in a backlink generating strategy. Backlinks from other, reliable websites prove your website to be trustworthy, reliable, and authentic. Truly valuable backlinks are difficult to earn but spending the time to create some posts and pages on your website that are ‘worthy’ of receiving backlinks from reputable members of your industry is important.

Besides (and often before) making a valuable resource that will incentivize linking to your website, you should conduct an in-depth competitor backlink research, to get an idea of what backlinks you want.

Our Services

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The Basic Service

Regardless of the scope and investment you are looking to make, Banana SEO is going to provide you with a fantastic optimization service. We will look through the content, code, and design of your website and provide feedback on what changes can or should be made to improve your traffic.

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In-Depth Feedback

One of the best services that we provide, is in-depth, SEO feedback. Often times, SEO agencies or agents will take a look at your website, make a few invisible changes, and then call it a day with a short-term fix. We at Banana SEO will give you detailed feedback on all you need to know!

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Active Intervention 

Whilst getting SEO for your website is absolutely valuable to your traffic, the algorithms constantly change – we at Banana SEO are more aware of that than anyone. This service offers continuous service and upholding of your website, keeping up with the updates in Search Engine algorithms, and keeping you at the top of SERPs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on several studies, the average time for your website to rank on the first page of Google ranges between one to six months. Depending on how competitive your niche is and how your current website performance on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). With the right (SEO) techniques and strategies, your website performance on SERPs will gradually improve from the start of the SEO campaign. There is no such thing has a “defined period” to rank a website. Also take note that your website position may fluctuate on SERPs during the SEO campaign and when there is an algorithm update. This is normal.

It is highly unlikely that you would get any real results within a month from the start of the SEO campaigns. Again, it all depends on your current website performance on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Some site may see improvement during the first month and other site may not. Please, understand that SEO isn’t magic; it requires time, effort, and consistency to achieve the desired results. If you keep working on it, the SEO results will continue to grow positively over time. Some SEOs may use aggressive “Black Hat SEO Techniques” to rank a website in a month, but the risk too high – your website may get penalized by Google or other search engines.

No. There is not a single website on the internet that has or will stay on the first page or a particular position forever. The chances that your website will stay on the top of search results forever are pretty slim, especially if you don’t continue to work on SEO. The more effort you put into the SEO campaign, the easier it will be to retain your ranking at the top of search results, however, if you stop working on it, your rankings may tank.

No, I do not guarantee first position or any other position on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Professional and ethical SEOs never guarantee rankings. Why? Because we don’t own or have control over search engine algorithms. As a matter of fact, we are at the mercy of search engines. Stay away from any SEO consultant or agency that guarantees first position – they are only after your money.

No, you may opt out of the SEO contract at any point in time for whatever reason. For example, if you sign a 3 months SEO contract, you may opt out in the first month.  All I ask is that you notify me prior to.

I charge anywhere between $500- $100000 for SEO consultation, depending on your niche, expectations and how big the project.

Contact Banana SEO

You may contact me either by using the form below or by sending me a message at the email underneath the contact form. You may also call my mobile phone directly.